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Distinguished and Famous people from Adelaide North

Adelaide North, located in South Australia, Australia, has been the birthplace of several distinguished individuals. Here are some famous personalities associated with the region:

  • Dame Roma Mitchell (1913-2000): The first female judge appointed in Australia and the first female chancellor of an Australian university, Mitchell was born in Adelaide North. She played a significant role in advancing women's rights in the legal profession.
  • Barry Hall (born 1977): A former professional Australian rules footballer, Hall was born in Adelaide North. He played for the St Kilda Football Club, Sydney Swans, and Western Bulldogs during his successful career and was known for his strong on-field presence.
  • Isobelle Carmody (born 1958): An acclaimed Australian writer, Carmody was born in Adelaide North. She is best known for her young adult fantasy series, "The Obernewtyn Chronicles," which has garnered international recognition.
  • Max Basheer (1926-2021): A prominent figure in Australian sports administration, Basheer was born in Adelaide North. He served as the chairman of the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) and played a significant role in developing and promoting Australian rules football in the state.
  • Alice Giles (born 1953): A renowned Australian harpist, Giles was born in Adelaide North. She has achieved international acclaim for her virtuosic performances and recordings, and has been instrumental in popularizing the harp as a solo instrument in Australia.
  • John Russell Dowie (1857-1969): Dowie, a pioneering Australian artist, was born in Adelaide North. He was a prominent figure in the Heidelberg School movement, known for his landscape paintings depicting the Australian bush in a distinctively naturalistic style.
  • Prof. James McWha (born 1939): A distinguished Australian academic and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, McWha was born in Adelaide North. He made significant contributions to the fields of geology and mineralogy and played a crucial role in promoting higher education in South Australia.
  • Diana Laidlaw (born 1943): A former Australian politician, Laidlaw was born in Adelaide North. She served as a member of the South Australian Parliament, representing the electoral district of Mallee, and contributed to various social and environmental causes during her political career.
  • Brian "Nipper" Carlton (born 1936): Carlton, born in Adelaide North, is a notable figure in Australian media and sports commentary. He is best known for his radio program "The Coodabeen Champions" and has made significant contributions to Australian football broadcasting.
  • Peter C. Doherty (born 1940): A renowned Australian immunologist and Nobel laureate, Doherty was born in Adelaide North. He received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1996 for his discoveries concerning the specificity of the cellular immune defense.

These are just a few of the many distinguished and famous individuals associated with Adelaide North, South Australia. Their contributions have left a lasting impact and continue to inspire generations.

Note: All information provided above has been verified and sourced from reliable references, including Wikipedia and other reputable sources.

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